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Holly Springs Home Remodeling

Holly Springs, North Carolina is home to more than 25,000 people – more than double the population in 2000. Close to Raleigh and Durham, the city was named after the fresh springs and holly trees in the region. It is said that holly trees as tall as 40-feet stood over a multitude of fresh water springs, many of which still exist in the city today.

It was first incorporated in 1877 and at one time, Holly Springs was mostly a ghost-town. Wars and economic desolation robbed the city of its original appeal, but the town made a comeback in later years. Following the Civil War, the Chatham Railroad brought growth back to Holly Springs and the town came back to life.

Once a Tuscarora hunting ground, settlers came to Holly Springs and built up the town to include a cotton gin, general store, saw mill, school, and church. Part of the town’s remnants still exists today, at the Leslie-Alford-Mims House. Access trails allow the public to visit the springs that provided freshwater to the business and residents. Along the trail is the family cemetery, another historic site in Holly Springs. Other historical architecture in Holly Springs points include the Masonic Lodge built in 1854 and still in use today for community events.

The Leslie-Alford-Mims home was once on a 180-acre plot of land where a tailoring and general store were located and eventually home to the town’s founder, George Benton Alford. Today, the house and family cemetery is all that remains at the site. Although the house has been renovated many times over the decades since it was originally built, the remodels have been mostly additional wings and stories added by Alford.

For Holly Springs home remodeling and home improvement projects today, residents and business owners call on Asbury Remodeling. From additions like those found at the Leslie-Alford-Mims house to simple kitchen remodeling jobs, we can help. A friend to the people in Holly Springs, Asbury Remodeling is dedicated to superior customer service and providing the dependable remodeling assistance to the community. Contact us today for information about how we can help with your next remodeling project.

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