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Client Testimonials

Asbury Remodeling & Construction provides solutions for home improvement projects, home additions, outdoor living spaces, and more in the Greater Triangle area. Project after project, clients indicate a pleasurable experience with us. Our customers are completely satisfied, believing that they partnered with professionals they can trust in the future, too. We serve Raleigh, Apex, Cary, Holly Springs and more. Call on us today for help with your project!

Asbury Remodeling & Construction: A Trusted Partner

We are loving the house and working with Daymon. We tell everyone how exceptionally lucky we are to have had the opportunity to work with him.  Very few people have such a strong work ethic and integrity. I am continually impressed with the work product and his ongoing attention to detail. I will actually miss our daily interactions when this project is complete. I can't wait to have you guys to dinner in our finished house though!  See the Testimony & Remodel - Also featured in Homes & Ideas MagazineRyan & Becky Lenz, Five Points, Raleigh 

We just completed an 800 sq. ft. addition to add a new kitchen, master bedroom and bathroom and we had a very good experience with Asbury Remodeling & Construction.  I would like to mention a few things that stood out, I really liked Daymon’s quality of workmanship and that he really appreciated that his crew had done good work.  One time I noticed him doing a little ‘jig’ because the floor of the new construction matched the exact level of the existing house and that made him very happy and showed me that he still cares about his work even though he’s been doing it a long time.  I also like the fact that he has an eye for detail.  We had a lot of areas where we had to redesign the original floor plan.  Daymon was able to redesign ‘on the fly’ and those changes resulted in our being much happier than the architect originally designed.  That in and of itself added a lot to the overall picture.  The thing that I said when I saw my new kitchen was that it “Exceeded my expectations”, it’s the only way I can describe it - it exceeds all expectations, it’s phenomenal.  The kitchen of my dreams!  We are two professionals that work a lot and Daymon’s partner was able to help us pick out each of the selections, i.e., granite, appliances, tile, etc., and just having that as a resource, for two professionals that don’t have the time to go through all the choices or go on all of the errands - that was truly a compliment to the whole process.  And I thank them for being so patient, with me because I don’t know what I’m doing, so I had to be guided every step of the way and that helped ease the stress.  Everything came together to exceed expectations!  See the Testimony & Remodel - Blake & Katherine Swearingen, North Raleigh

Had the absolute best experience we could possibly have with the remodel and reconstruction of our house. We had quite an older house with all kinds of surprises that we had to face but with the help of Asbury remodeling and construction we conquered all, and are super excited with our end result! Everyone was very helpful and informative always, which to us was very important as we are new to the construction world. Cannot say enough good things about Daymon, Myriam and the rest of the Asbury crew! We look forward to using them in the future on additional projects, and would recommend them highly to anyone.  See the Testimony & Remodel - Katie & Greg Cable, Raleigh

When we originally met with Daymon, he listened.  He wanted to understand what our lifestyle is like and what we are trying to accomplish.  I was able to give him the ‘big picture’ and he was able to take it and turn it into something greater than my imagination.  We couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome; the quality of the work is phenomenal.  We couldn’t be more pleased from the day-to-day interaction, to the tile selection, to the paint and stain, just every part of the project was a lot of fun.  Beautiful work and beautiful people.  See the Testimony & Remodel - Damita & Jacob McDougall, Cary

When we found Asbury Remodeling, we had been through a very bad contractor experience.  Thankfully, on the advice of some friends and our banker, we found Daymon.  He he not only took a part in what we wanted to do but he gave us some advice on what was going to be the best way to spend our money. He brought in the right resources from a designer to electricians and to makd sure we had exactly what we wanted which made the process so much easier. Daymon was so easy to communicate with. Whether it was in the middle of construction when we would call him at 7-7:30 in the morning just to make sure we knew what was going on and how things were progressing, to the consistent financial updates that let us know exactly where we were within our loan.  At the end, we finished on budget, we finished within 3 days of the date Daymon gave us from the date we started.  We had a couple of delays that every old house runs into but in the end, we could not have asked for a better over-all experience and this was our first experience so we were scared when we signed on that paper. So we want to say Thank You to Daymon and the whole crew – they were really Top Notch! See the Testimony & Remodel | See Project Photos - Mike & Leigh Flanagan, Five Points, Raleigh

My husband and I selected Asbury Remodeling to remodel our master bath.  We needed a quick turn-around time due to some situations and they were very helpful working with us.  Both Daymon and Myriam have been very easy to get in touch with, not only during normal business hours but also in the evenings.   They have also been very helpful in helping us select what we would like in the bathroom.  My husband and I are very satisfied with the end product and couldn’t be happier with the guys that are on the Asbury team.  When we move forward with the remodel on the kitchen and other bathrooms, we will definitely select Asbury Remodeling for the remodels!  See the Testimony & Remodel - Heather & Trent Robinson, Stonebridge, Raleigh

Asbury Construction completed our kitchen renovation in August 2014. The entire process, from initial quote to completion, was handled impressively. We specifically chose Asbury because of the combined talents of Daymon and Myriam. Together, they seamlessly managed all aspects of the renovation. Throughout the entire process Myriam arranged schedules and kept us up to date with efficient handling of the financial aspects of our project. She ensured the craftsmen arrived when they were supposed to and kept us informed of any changes. Daymon spent hours in our home working tirelessly and ensuring the quality of the additional craftsmen used to complete the job. With their combined knowledge they were able to suggest changes to our initial plans where needed and implement them successfully. We would recommend Asbury Construction without hesitation. They were a pleasure to work with. We will definitely be contacting them in the future for any additional projects.  See the Remodel - Wendy & Gary Shorter, Cary

My husband Jay and I just finished a kitchen renovation project as well as some other things in the house, window replacements, with Asbury Remodeling.  And I wanted to tell you how pleased we were with the process from working with Myriam and visiting selection sites and then Daymon who makes everyone feel so comfortable and is very creative and good at everything he does.  I enjoyed working with Primo and George in all of the construction going on and all of the sub contractors. The electrical contractor was excellent. So, we couldn’t say enough good things about Myriam and Daymon and the team and we feel that we have gotten just what we’ve asked for and more!  I couldn’t be more pleased and more excited about the way everything looks.  Everything they did was wonderful.  Everyone came when they were supposed to and did everything they were supposed to and they wanted it left perfect when they left, so I’m excited about my project and I’m sorry they’re leaving but I know they’ll be back! See the Testimony & Remodel - Pam & Jay Wilkins, Apex

Hi I’m Sara Lieberman and I just wanted to let you what a wonderful experience we’ve had with Asbury Remodeling.  We hired Daymon and Myriam to come and remodel our bathroom and our kitchen.  You can see some of the kitchen in the background and in addition to Daymon and Myriam, we had the assistance of Vicky, their interior decorator and everything was fabulous, we could not have asked for a better experience.  We had no idea at the beginning of what we were doing and they were very helpful all throughout the process – helping us select our design, our materials and guiding us through my many, many days of indecision and not getting frustrated with us and we loved it.  We could not have asked for a better experience with a General Contractor they were always on time, they showed up when they said they would be, they were on budget.  We had no problem with the contractors and left the house while they were here and everything was really fabulous.  We could not recommend them anymore than this!  See the Testimony & Remodel - Sara & Phillip Lieberman, 

We were looking around for the right contractor to help us convert our attic into a bedroom for our girls. We had a lot of criteria; it had to be the right budget and it had to be someone we didn’t think would take advantage of folks who had never done any projects and it had to be timely. We had 7 estimates and a friend recommended us to Asbury and he said this will be the last person you will have to meet with and sure enough, he was right. We had estimated timelines anywhere from 3 months, to 3 weeks, which is what Asbury came in and it was a little hard to believe but they got it done in 3 weeks and right on budget. Everyone says how bad Contractor experiences can be but we had no bad experiences and it’s all because of Asbury Remodeling. We have already recommended them and will continue to recommend them and brainstorming about new projects. See the Testimony & Remodel - Justin & Amanda Laborde, Apex 

We first met Daymon when we were buying our home and really liked him from the start, felt that he was trustworthy and realistic about projects and possibilities of what we could do with our home as well as we were very excited about using him to accomplish our vision. I loved working with Daymon; he’s a great guy and great communicator. The projects were extremely fast, which we were blown away by. It was a pleasure interacting with the team and felt that the quality of their work was phenomenal throughout. We’re happy to recommend Asbury Remodeling to anyone. See the Testimony & Remodel - Also featured in Preston Life MagazineBill & Jaime Frost, Preston Village Cary

I’ve lived in my home for 40 years and I always had a vision of the screened in porch being a sunroom and a place where I could have my washer/dryer out here and be comfortable, quiet and cool and Asbury Remodeling made it happen. I’ve known Daymon for a long time; he’s helped us with projects like remodeling a bathroom. With a house that’s 40 years old you have to keep it up but I love my home and I’m so thrilled with my sunroom and you don’t even know there’s a washer/dryer inside a beautiful custom built cabinet. I think the thing that has blessed me the most in working with Daymon is his integrity and the way he listens…he really cares. He takes into a count what you want, what your dream is and would look at my pictures and he got it. He made it just the way I pictured it would have. There’s also the factor of the men he has working for him. They are all men of integrity, I could walk off and leave my house and never have any worry whatsoever. They are just wonderful Godly men; I’ve enjoyed getting to know them all. Asbury Remodeling is the only remodeling company I would personally use.  See the Testimony & Remodel - Sandy Hogue, Raleigh NC

We worked with Daymon and his crew and they were really awesome. They met all of our needs as far as time constraints, financing, making sure that everything we wanted was to our liking and the biggest issue with us was making sure it was done in a timely manner yet correctly. Anything we needed, they were “Johnny on the spot”. Any changes we had to make, everything was very professional and friendly. We were looking for a Contractor who offered financing and this worked out perfect for us because I was able to do a refinance and renovation loan through Asbury Remodeling and that helped us out a whole lot. And, one of the things I liked most is Daymon is very detail oriented, and you knew step-by-step how the progress was going, any kind of road bumps in the way, he was able to tell you, “we have this coming up but you don’t have to worry about this, this is my problem” and he made it work out for the best. So, like she said, we would really recommend Asbury Remodeling.  See the Testimony & Remodel - Stan & Michelle Lindsey, Raleigh

We contracted with Asbury Remodeling for several projects in our home. Daymon was the only one who asked us several detailed questions, which was very important to us because we knew exactly what we wanted. Afterwards, they sent us a detailed estimate. Another big factor is that I work from home and I wasn’t sure if I would be able to continue to work from home while the work was being done. I was able to continue to work from home without any issues and the crew was extremely efficient. The entire crew was really amazing working around my schedule and it went much better than I expected. I’m a ‘stickler’ for detail and they worked with me and gave me options and experimented with different colors to make sure we got what we wanted. All along the way there was a lot of good advice on many of the details of the various projects. Our projects were done in several phases; we had over 7-8 different projects. For example, we converted a screened-in porch to a sunroom and also decked over a vaulted living room to have an additional family room on the 2nd floor. It was incredible working with Asbury Remodeling throughout all of the phases because there were so many suggestions and ideas throughout the projects that enabled us to get much more than we anticipated without increasing our budget. They worked with what we had and made it much more beautiful than we had imagined. It’s beyond our expectations. See the Testimony & Remodel - Sudhi & Prathima Acharya, Cary

Not only is the work that Daymon and his crew did well constructed and beautiful, he came in within budget and the only change orders we had were extras that we discussed as options at the beginning of the project. He also finished the project early, allow us to save money. And so, I am already planning on having him back to work on my next projects.  See the Remodel Michelle & David Wille, Raleigh

We decided to close in our cathedral ceiling living room to create more space in our home. We initially selected another company. The gentleman was very nice and very friendly and gave us a very reasonable price and started the work. He was slow to start, slow to show up and things did not go well. There were mistakes that happened along the way although we didn't know it at the time, and then he just stopped showing up. After the contractor hadn't shown up for about a week, we called Daymon and that very same day he came out, he came in, looked around, said, "Yes, we can fix this," and gave me a reasonable price. His guys were in here within four days. They completed all of the work within about two and a half weeks, and this is going from bare bones, no drywall, no anything, to completing it and having a finished wood floor above. We couldn't be happier with the work! They were polite. They were efficient. They were clean, and I tell every if they are looking for someone to do work for them to please call Asbury Remodeling and Construction. See the Testimony – Melanie & Alan Willard, Holly Springs

We recently used Asbury Remodeling to help us with crown molding throughout our home and we had an incredible experience. Daymon was very knowledgeable and professional and did amazing work. The team that worked with him was also exactly the same. Should we need more work in the future, we will be reaching out to him again. Should you wish to contact me directly with additional questions, please feel free. - John & Jenn Scrimshaw, Apex

We LOVE our new porch/deck! Daymon, Primo, & George were awesome to work with. They were professional, responsive, detail-oriented, & fun. We had a vague idea of what we wanted our space to be when we started; Daymon helped us translate that vague idea into our ideal outdoor living space. The crew always kept us updated on their progress & minimized any interference with our day-to-day routine. We were amazed that the guys took the time to clean up after themselves each day--our neighbors even commented on the cleanliness of the worksite. Daymon really worked with us to keep the project within our budget without sacrificing quality or our original vision. This space is perfect for us and we will absolutely use Asbury Remodeling again for future projects! We're in love :-) - Jill & Trevor Casserly, North Raleigh

Daymon takes pride in the work he does. He also has employees who do an excellent job. Every day they pick up and cleaned up when finished for the day. When I need more work done, Daymon will be who I call. He has always done excellent remodeling on my house. - Kay Bushey, Durham

Daymon’s creativity and resourcefulness enabled us to upgrade materials and improve the living area with a minimum of additional expense beyond what was covered by our insurance payment. We went from having a disaster in our home to an actual improvement in our most frequently used portion of the home. I would also like to emphasize Daymon’s exemplary approach to customer needs and project success. Project success comes from creative, intelligent and experienced management of project circumstances. Daymon consistently exhibits these skills that show he is both an excellent craftsman, but also a highly professional and valuable consultant and vendor. - Michael Nelson, Cary

We want to thank you all for a job well done. The kitchen and porch addition you built for us has been great - just what we wanted. We get compliments from everyone who sees them. We were especially pleased with the way you phased the kitchen addition. You allowed us to keep using it with little inconvenience. It seemed that we walked in one day and it was just done - no giant mess, just a sealed safe part of the house.  We enjoyed meeting and working with your team and your subcontractors. When we encountered problems, you worked with us to find fixes. When we made changes, our decisions were better with your advice. We wish you continued success and please feel free to use us for referrals. Thanks again guys. Great job! - Richard & Susie Rohrbaugh, Raleigh

We would highly recommend Daymon to any individual or business seeking to hire a contractor with both professional and personal integrity. He possesses a strong overall knowledge of the construction process and brings a wealth of experience to any job they undertake.- Clay & Anne Shambley, Cary

I have hired Asbury Remodeling & Construction for clients and for my personal home repair needs. I find their work to be of the highest quality available and their prices reasonable. They are dependable, trustworthy and creative with problem solving. I consider them one of the best when it comes to home inspection repair punch lists.- George Huntley, Broker, Raleigh

I have been utilizing Daymon’s services for over 10 years, which in itself is quite a testimony. His crew have performed construction and repairs on all of the properties I own including: interior reconstruction of kitchens and baths from the rip out down to the studs to final completion, structural alterations, removal of walls, construction of and repair to decking, all manner of plumbing and electrical work, installation of cabinets and finish carpentry, complete siding removal and replacement of a 4,000 sq. ft. home. I have recommended Asbury Remodeling & Construction to friends and family, all of them have had the same comment, “Their workmanship and professional conduct distinguish them from any of the other contractors we have ever encountered”. I cannot think of a more credible endorsement than multiple homeowners on the same street using the same contractor.- Robert C. DiDomenico, Jr., Cary

Daymon has under taken two construction projects on our behalf. The first project was a 15 x 20 ft. stand-alone workshop. In addition to the construction of the workshop, a 60 ft. concrete walkway from our home to the workshop and a garden retaining wall were part of the project. Prior to starting the project, we received a project schedule to include milestones and budget estimates. They stayed within budget, met scheduled milestones and provided necessary documentation with invoices.The second project consisted of transforming an unfinished basement into a game room, sitting area, bathroom with shower and workshop. Again, they provided a scope of services including scheduling and budget estimate prior to construction. Each scheduled milestone was met on time and stayed within the estimated budget. - Richard & Debra Harmon, Raleigh

We hired Daymon for two projects. The first project was to add a bedroom, closet and full bath above a family room with an open ceiling. The project required an engineering study, additional footings and structural work. Plumbing, electrical and mechanical trades were also required. The most important component of this project was speed since the family room is in the middle of our house and we have 4 children. A lengthy, messy project was not acceptable. From the time the project started to the time the family room was back in operation was 2 weeks. We could not have been happier with their speed and daily progress. During the 2 weeks, the room was vacuumed at the end of every day. All workers were friendly and picked up after themselves. We are happy with the quality of the work and really think the new room has more structural rigidity then the rest of the house. We worked through modifications with direct, honest information and were able to make decisions quickly. The second project was finishing a 12' x 28' space above the garage. Once again, construction began and finished within a few weeks. The project did not require special engineering, just a few new windows. The quality of work is excellent and we are very pleased with the additional square footage of space. Attributes that best describe Daymon and his crew is: knowledgeable, fast, clean, direct, honest and professional. We highly recommend the company. - H. Chalker, Raleigh

I would highly recommend Asbury Remodeling & Construction. I have personally used their services and so have enthusiastically many clients. It’s so easy utilizing their services. They are a one-stop shopping center for home improvement needs. They have been able to handle all general repairs, both minor and major. Just a few of the many repairs they handle are plumbing, electrical, HVAC, concrete, windows, doors, decks, painting and the list goes on.......In addition to doing very professional work, they are also timely. They respond in an efficient manner and perform quality work. This team has gone "the extra mile for my clients". Also, they have high standards and strong integrity. All of this is very important to me, personally as I represent hundreds of clients and desire the very best for them. Just a short time ago, I had a client call to say she had the best service with repairs to her house that she has ever had. Obviously, that was very gratifying to hear. I am truly grateful and so appreciative for Asbury Remodeling & Construction efforts and highly satisfying end results on all projects. - Jane Allen Purtell, Broker, Cary

We are thoroughly enjoying our new basement! It is a wonderful improvement to our home, and a dramatic change from what existed before. We were especially pleased with working with you and your company through every step in the process. The design exceeded our expectations in taking advantage of the available space most effectively. Your subcontractors and employees were professional and courteous at all times. Most impressively, you completed a very tight schedule on time and on budget. - Brian & Wanda Clark, Cary

We wanted to thank you guys very much for your awesome work on our basement. We enjoyed working with each of you during the various stages of the process and we are very pleased with the finished product! Thanks for being so attentive to detail and solving every issue promptly and to our satisfaction, sometimes before we even knew there was an issue. We will highly recommend Daymon and his crew to anyone we have a chance to. Thanks for such a positive experience!! - Tex & Joan Walker, Raleigh

Working with Asbury Remodeling & Construction has been a pleasure. Thank you for a beautiful basement! My dad, who is a mechanical engineer, cannot find anything wrong with my basement. He just keeps marveling at everything down to the finishing details. Between you and me I suspect he’s a little disappointed!! Thank you so much again. - Suzanne, Cary

Daymon and his crew were great! They remodeled three bathrooms and a sunroom for us in addition to giving us a new deck and new home siding. They provided excellent service and expertise throughout all of the projects! We are SO happy with the value that they delivered! I wouldn’t go with anyone else! I strongly recommend Asbury Remodeling & Construction! - Dr. Dan Price, Raleigh

We would like to thank you for your help in converting our hot tub room to a very nice sun room. You went above and beyond the requirements of a contractor and acted as a friend. At the very beginning of the process of selecting a contractor this positive, willing and kind attitude was apparent to us and that is why we wanted you to do our work. We are glad you did the job. Daymon has such a great attitude of excellence, wanting to please the customer and friendliness. You have a great team. We hope we will keep in contact even though the work is completed. Thank You. - Mark & Margie Maloney, Wake Forest

Just wanted to drop you a quick note to “Thank You”. You and your crew responded immediately to my buyer's concerns that arose literally just minutes prior to closing (during the final walk through). I honestly feel that this closing would not have taken place if you had not responded the way you did. Your quick response and thorough understanding of these outstanding issues put my buyer at ease and the buyer went through with the closing as scheduled. Thanks again for your concern and immediate response. - John Tavolacci, Broker, Cary

My wife and I decided to sign a contract with Asbury Remodeling &Construction, and I never regretted my decision! Having been involved with the commercial construction business years ago, I was ready to expect "bad things" happening during our construction process, but they surprisingly never did! Daymon and his team made sure that EVERYTHING was done right, every time, and right down to minute details. Even when it comes out of their own profit, they made everything right! Thanks for a great job! - George & Lily Mraz, Fuquay Varina

As an engineer and as artists, it is not easy for most people to understand my wife’s and my visions. Of the numerous contractors we interviewed for our home’s addition and remodel, we were surprised to realize how easy it was to make a final decision on whom to award our project. Where the other companies concentrated their efforts on giving us what they wanted, not what we wanted, you were the only guys who could see our vision and knew how to achieve it. Though we ran you through numerous hoops, you did a terrific job of making everything just as we had envisioned. We could not be more pleased and are constantly rewarded each time we come home and each time passer-by’s stop to tell us how much they love our house. Now if only I can get around to finishing our landscaping and the garage to match the quality of our house. Thank you, for the great work! - Carl William, Raleigh

We wanted to renovate our old, outdated Master Bathroom, but didn’t know what we wanted to do or where to start. Daymon worked with us, and together we came up with some fantastic options. Daymon had some great ideas – things we had never thought of, and in some cases, he even dissuaded us from our own crazy ideas while showing us more cost effective alternatives. Daymon was always on top of the project. All the workers they brought to our house were very professional and extremely talented. During the entire process (even at the height of demolition), we were totally confident that they had everything under control. They were very responsive, flexible, and accommodating – while making sure that everything was completed to perfection. They were just a pleasure to work with. The final product was truly amazing! Our experience was extremely positive, and we consider Asbury Remodeling & Construction as “Our” contractors. We will go back to them for any future improvements no matter how big or small. - Raul & Emma Vasallo

Asbury Remodeling & Construction created a gorgeous bathroom for me several years ago. From start to finish, Daymon was a joy to work with. At every turn, he explained what was needed to get the effect I wanted: what my options were, how long it would take, how much it would cost. Speaking of money (I'm single and work for myself); Daymon was absolutely vigilant about keeping the costs to a minimum. In a word, Daymon is meticulous. No "stone" was left unturned, no issue left hanging. The result? My old bathroom was a 1970s nightmare. Now it looks like it belongs in Architectural Digest! This year, I'm tackling the BIG ticket item - my kitchen - and there's only one person I'm going to call Daymon at Asbury Remodeling & Construction. Thanks for a great remodel experience! - Sally, Raleigh

We would like to express our wholehearted appreciation and 110% satisfaction for the basement finish Daymon and his team completed at our home. They provided a first-rate product at a highly competitive price. We strongly recommend them to anyone looking for a quality contractor. Daymon worked collaboratively with us throughout the process, providing invaluable advice based on his experience, while also allowing us a great deal of flexibility with respect to the materials, as well as, overall layout. Daymon stuck to his bid while providing clear and detailed invoices. He also clearly communicated with us during every step regarding prices, deviations, options, etc. Most important perhaps, Daymon spent a great deal of time and effort making sure we had the best options, price, and workmanship. As a result, we believe we ended up with a great end product. We could tell he and his crew genuinely cared for their work and our satisfaction. If we ever need any construction related help, Daymon will be our first call. Nick & Sarah Harvey, Fuquay Varina

Daymon Asbury, Asbury Remodeling & Construction, has done remodeling on our home which hadn't had any major updating in 20 years. Every job has been well thought out, beautifully done, and he's a pleasure to work with. Daymon has become a much appreciated and trusted friend. - Jay & Emily Joyner, Cary

We have used Asbury Remodeling & Construction for several remodeling projects and have been extremely pleased with the attention to details that have always resulted in a finished, quality project. But almost as important as the quality work has been the flexibility of in working with us. Daymon listened to our needs and help us design a custom solution that we will enjoy for years to come. There may be bigger contractors, but for our money Daymon was the best choice! - Olson & Mayra Caceres, Apex


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