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Makeover of the Month - Preston Life Magazine July

Posted October 2019 to the category 'News '.

In the late summer of 2012, Jaime & Bill Frost had found their new home in Cary! The couple was excited to finally close on the home and being some renovations in order for the home to accommodate their lifestyle. Prior to moving into the home, the Frosts hired Asbury Remodeling to add and refinish hardwood floors to their home and add additional outdoor living space. Click on the title to read more

Unfinished Attic Conversion, Apex NC

Posted October 2019 to the category 'Videos '.

We were looking around for the right contractor to help us convert our attic into a bedroom for our girls. We had a lot of criteria; it had to be the right budget and it had to be someone we didn't think would take advantage of folks who had never done any projects and it had to be timely. We had 7 estimates and a friend recommended us to Asbury and he said this will be the last person you will have to meet with and sure enough, he was right. We had estimated timelines anywhere from 3 months, to 3 weeks, which is what Asbury came in and it was a little hard to believe but they got it done in 3 weeks and right on budget. Everyone says how bad Contractor experiences can be but we had no bad experiences and it's all because of Asbury Remodeling. We have already recommended them and will continue to recommend them and brainstorming about new projects.

Screened In Porch and Deck, Preston Village Cary

Posted October 2019 to the category 'Videos '.

My name is Jaime Frost and we first met Daymon when we were buying our home and really liked him from the start, felt that he was trustworthy and realistic about projects and possibilities of what we could do with our home as well as we were very excited about using him to accomplish our vision. I loved working with Daymon; he's a great guy and great communicator. The projects were extremely fast, which we were blown away by. It was a pleasure interacting with the team and felt that the quality of their work was phenomenal throughout. We're happy to recommend Asbury Remodeling to anyone.

Sunroom Remodel, Raleigh NC

Posted October 2019 to the category 'Videos '.

I’ve lived in my home for 40 years and I always had a vision of the screened in porch being a sunroom and a place where I could have my washer/dryer out here and be comfortable, quiet and cool and Asbury Remodeling made it happen. I’ve known Daymon for a long time; he’s helped us with projects like remodeling a bathroom. With a house that’s 40 years old you have to keep it up but I love my home and I’m so thrilled with my sunroom and you don’t even know there’s a washer/dryer inside a beautiful custom built cabinet.

100 ft. Tree Dropped with Precision

Posted October 2019 to the category 'Videos '.

This video demonstrates the trimming and dropping of a 100 ft. tree with precision cuts.

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