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Before and Afters

Posted December 2019 to the category 'Videos '.

This video is a compilation of several of the projects we've done for our customers. Enjoy!

1928 Bungalow Remodel/Addition in Five Points, Ral

Posted December 2019 to the category 'Videos '.

Remodel and addition to a 1928 Bungalow home in Five Points, Raleigh, NC Hi we're Becky and Ryan Lenz, and we hired Daymon to do an addition to our old 1928 Bungalow home, and when I first met Daymon I was very impressed with his enthusiasm. He seemed to really love the job and was convinced that he was going to do the best job, so right off the bat his personality is what sold me. Then I was continually impressed throughout the entire time with how well he communicated every step of the way. I would be texting with him sometimes at 9:00 on a Saturday night, and while I was doing it I would think, "Why is he answering my texts?" but at the same time it made it really convenient.

Deck Over Vaulted Ceiling - Melanie Testimonial, A

Posted December 2019 to the category 'Videos '.

Project: Deck over vaulted ceiling to create more living space Hi my name is Melanie and this is my review for Asbury's remodeling and construction. We decided to close in our living room. We initially had a cathedral ceiling, and so we thought we did our research, and we looked around. We checked Internet, we checked Better Business Bureau, Google reviews, and we finally settled on a company. Well, the gentleman comes in and he was very nice and very friendly and gave us a very reasonable price, and then the work started, and he was slow to start. He was slow to show up. Things did not go as well. There were mistakes that happened along the way although we didn't know it at the time, and then he just stopped showing up, and how I came to know Daymon was my neighbor was also having the same work done, and so after the previous contractor hadn't shown up for about a week, I went over to my neighbor and asked him to give me the name of his contractor. Well, I called Daymon and that very same day he came out, he came in, looked around, said, "Yes, we can fix this," and gave me a reasonable price for that, you know, it was wonderful. His guys were in here within four days. They completed all of the work within about two and a half weeks, and this is going from bare bones, no drywall, no anything, to completing it and having a finished wood floor above. We couldn't be happier with the work. They were polite. They were efficient. They were clean, and I tell every if they are looking for someone to do work for them to please call Asbury Remodeling and Construction.

See What We Can Do In Just Two Days!

Posted December 2019 to the category 'Videos '.

In this Asbury Remodeling project profile, see what we can do in just two days.

Asbury Remodeling Siding Repair - Part 2.wmv

Posted December 2019 to the category 'Videos '.

DIY video on how to repair/replace siding on your home - Part 2. Check us out on

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